Asilo Nido, Scuola d'Infanzia e Primaria Montessori Internazionale
Toddler Program, Kindergarten and Primary School
English Italiano Française

Primary School (6-11 yrs)

"Help me to do it alone."
Maria Montessori
The Montessori International School curriculum for primary (scuola primaria parentale) exposes students to many interrelated topics repeatedly over time.
We offer an international curriculum, with a Montessori approach. The primary’s lessons run in English. Only the writing and reading lessons and some others are taught in English and Italian, but most of the teaching runs in English.
Our mission is to create a school focused with a natural and student-centered education. Our ecological and sustainable subjects will inspire children to become creative and innovated leaders while teaching cooperation, communication and academic skills, amongst many others.
We believe that a child’s development is a natural process, built with a successive series of independence. We encourage our students to act and think for themselves whilst exploring and creating their own educational path.
Our goal is to provide an educational system with lessons that motivate entrepreneurship.
As part of our green approach, students will be taught lessons that consist of global awareness, green studies, and performing arts, along with the core subjects such as mathematics, science and literacy.

The primary school course focuses on developing the whole child. Our integrated and experiential lessons are designed around some of the latest educational research. Children are encouraged to be expressive and creative through experiential lessons in the classroom and out.
Our core academic standards are derived from a variety of rigorous international sources. Science, mathematics, and English are taught daily.
In addition to this we offer our own Green School subjects such as Global Awareness, Green Studies, performing and visual arts,
All of the core subjects are introduced in the thematic approach. The essential skills from these subjects are then explicitly taught during the daily proficiency lessons in mathematics and English.
Students will be working on individual learning programs in mathematics and English across all grades.
This approach enables all of the students to grow and thrive confidently in and a safe and supportive environment.
The thematic lessons are driven by student interest and designed to be developmentally relevant to the age and ability level of the children.
In addition to the thematic lessons, our primary students are involved in the community-based activities for each class.

The world as a classroom

Children in the 6-12 age group are starting to realize that the world is an enormous, interesting place. They are primed to study continents, cultures, scientific concepts, and great literature. The world becomes their classroom.

The carefully developed elementary curriculum guides the child through identifying, classifying, and researching all of the fascinating concepts in each chosen field of study. The areas of practical life, language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, and history are all represented in the classroom, with materials that lead the child to abstraction of the fundamental concepts in each area.