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Toddler Program, Kindergarten and Primary School
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Toddler Program (1-3 yrs)

"The adult passes through this mystical love without recognizing it; but be warned, the little one who loves you, will grow and disappear. Who will love you like him? Who will call you going to bed, saying affectionately -Are you here with me- rather indifferently -Good night-? Who will want to be near us just as ardently as we eat, only to watch us? We defend ourselves from that love, and do not ever find one the same! "
Maria Montessori
Toddler Program is conceived for children from 16 months old

After they begin to walk, children join the Montessori toddler community where basic motor coordination, independence and language development are fostered and individual personality is respected. Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing social community where very young children experience their first contact with other children and learn to participate in a cooperative group.

A warm and caring environment together make our centre a homely, nurturing yet stimulating place for your child to grow up developing his senses and skills at his own pace while supported and encouraged in his exploration of the world.

Along with the Montessori Materials and the daily living activities, in our centre every day a different proposal is offered to the children according to their age and interests among the following: cooking, gardening and botany, psico-motricity, painting and art activities and music.